2. Kielecki Międzynarodowy Festiwal Teatralny

2nd Kielce International Theatre Festival

This festival has no main theme. Instead of inventing it and looking for spectacles compatible with it, we went another way – we chose performances that we like and which seem important to us. We hope you will share our taste.

The spectacles which will be presented at the 2nd Kielce International Theatre Festival are as various, as the last theatrical seasons were. Nevertheless, and attentive viewer will notice that they have some features in common. We gives you two simplest hints. The Odysseus from „Iliad” wanders to finally return home. The heroine of „Zapiski z wygnania” wanders because she was brutally driven from the place where she was born and grew up. In turn, the main characters of  „Być jak Beata” and „Bądź taka, nie bądź taka” are linked by the fact that they both are iconic vocalists, whose careers peaked in the ‘80s.

We would like to draw your attention to one of these performances. When we first saw „Iliada” – a co-production of three Slovenian theatres, at one of the festivals, we were captivated by the musical aura of this performance. The spectacle got a standing ovation from critics, directors and viewers – groups which view of the theatrical aesthetics is usually different. This rare sight confirmed our belief that Polish viewers should see „Iliad” once again. The rain of awards and the list of stages on which this performance was shown is extremely impressive and its director, Jernej Lorenci, is one of the most important creators of European theatre now. It is worth to mention that the story contained in Homer’s epic takes on a surprisingly modern dimension in his performance.

History, but much closer to us, is also the subject of the award-winning monodrama by Krystyna Janda. The painful story of an expelled Jew must be particularly distressing in Kielce.

We intentionally save a contemporary dance performance that will come to Kielce from Spain for last. Dance has appeared in the repertoires of theatre festivals for years, enriching its offer and making the viewers familiar with new forms of expression. We hope that it will happen this time.

Marcin Zawada, festival selector

Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Co-financed by the Marshal’s Office of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship.

Urząd Marszałkowski

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TVP Kielce

Echo Dnia


Ludwik Solski’s Theatre in Kielce

Text and direction:
Joanna Satanowska
Anna Adamiak
Adriana Kustra
Maciej Zakrzewski
Przemysław Jękosz
Assistant director:
Karolina Gibki

Wiktoria Czubaszek, Anna Gabrysz, Helena Hajkowicz, Agata Jakoniuk, Joanna Kowalska, Monika Stanek, Tomasz Ostach,Tomasz Tywoniuk, Kornel Sadowski, Jędrzej Wielecki

„Bądź taka, nie bądź taka” is a musical spectacle, which consists of new arrangements of the greatest hits from the repertoire of  Kora and the band Maanam, performed by Karolina Gibki, who plays the role of the legendary singer in the film visualizations. A guitarist accompanies her on stage. In the spectacle we will hear i.a.: „Stoję, stoję, czuję się świetnie”, „Bądź taka, nie bądź taka”, „Oddech szczura”, „Ta noc do innych jest niepodobna”, „Jesteśmy ze stali”, „Taczi, tacz”, „Nocny Patrol”, „Boskie Buenos”.

It’s 1984, the Rogot label, which cooperates with the Maanam band at that time, comes up with the idea of playing at the congress of communist youth at the Congress Hall. The special guest is to be the prime minister of the Soviet Union Nikolai Ryzhkov. Kora has to decide to participate in the concert, dealing with the consequence in case of refusal.

The performance directed by Joanna Satanowska is not only a story about one of the most colorful figures of the Polish music scene, but also about the exemplary attitude of steadfastness, intransigence, and consistency in the fight against adversity, the system, political pressures, and own weaknesses.

The script of the spectacle was based on the book „Kora, Kora. A planety szaleją” by Kamil Sipowicz (Wydawnictwo Agora S.A., 3rd edition based on the book by Olga Jackowska and Kamil Sipowicz „Kora i Maanam. Podwójna linia życia” from 1998).

Duration: 60 min., without interval

Premiere: 11 February 2018

22.10. hour19.00

Big Stage, Żeromski Theatre

photos Paweł Topolski


Contemporary Theatre in Szczecin

Idea: Piotr Domalewski
Text: Piotr Domalewski, Żelisław Żelisławski
Dramaturgy: Żelisław Żelisławski
Direction: Magda Miklasz
Music arrangement and vocal preparation: Tomasz Lewandowski
Scenography: Mirek Kaczmarek
Costumes: Hanka Podraza
Video: Kamila Paradowska
Light direction: Piotr Nykowski
Makeup: Sylwia Kaźmierowska-Kowalik
Assistant director: Magdalena Wrani-Stachowska

A musical show like never before. A performance that touched and amused Beata Kozidrak.

Arrangement of BAJM’s hits and hilarious acting creations causes much excitement of the audience, giving them a new, often surprising meaning. In the theater, everything is possible, even the most inconspicuous retired policeman, nun or kebab bistro owner can „be like Beata”. We invite ordinary girls, stage beasts and modest sensitive people – we will satisfy even the most demanding people. If you are yourself and make your dreams come true, then you can do everything – also „be like Beata”! Come and see for yourself.

Cast: Maria Dąbrowska, Magdalena Wrani-Stachowska, Arkadiusz Buszko,Maciej Litkowski
oraz Jacek Piątkowski, Tomasz Stępień i Bartłomiej Makuła

Duration: 140 min., without interval

Premiere: 2 February 2019

25.10. hour 19.00

Żeromski Theatre Big Stage

Photos Monika Stolarska

Co-producers: SNG Drama Ljubljana, Mestno gledališče ljubljansko, Cankarjev dom

Direction: Jernej Lorenci

Adaptation: Jernej Lorenci, Matic Starina, Eva Mahkovic


The Iliad is a stage construction of Homer`s epic. Rather than trying to create a visual masterpiece, the director and the artistic team chose to work with a relatively small number of actors (12), with an emphasis on the spoken word, narration, the rhythm of the dactylic hexameter, and sound imagery, accompanying the narrative. The performance is in two parts: in the first, the adaptation closely follows the original Homer`s narrative, slowly unraveling the three worlds of the Iliad: the Greeks, the Trojans, and the Gods. In the second part, the performance pictures the great slaughterhouse that is the Trojan war: all battles become one, all victims become a universal victim. The cast is a selection of the best Slovenian actors from the Slovenian National Theatre and the Ljubljana City Theatre.


ACHILLES: Jure Henigman

THETIS: Nina Ivanišin

PARIS: Aljaž Jovanović

HEPHAISTOS: Gregor Luštek

HECTOR: Marko Mandić

BRISEIS: Zvezdana Novaković

HERA: Jette Ostan Vejrup

HELEN: Tina Potočnik Vrhovnik

ZEUS: Matej Puc

PATROCLUS: Blaž Setnikar

PRIAM: Janez Škof

AGAMEMNON: Primož Pirnat

Festivals and awards:

The performance won the Politika Award for Best Direction and the Audience Award at the 2015 BITEF Festival in Belgrade.

It has been selected for the main program of the largest Slovenian Theatre Festival Borštnikovo srečanje 2015 in Maribor, where it won three awards (1. Jette Ostan Vejrup for Best Actress, 2. the cast for Best Ensemble, 3. Pascal Mérat for Lighting Design).

On the 23. edition of the International Theatre Festival KONTAKT 2016 in Torun, Poland, the Iliad won three awards: GRAND PRIX, Press Award and Best Music Award (to Branko Rožman and the performers).

The Iliad was selected for the Varna Summer International Theatre Festival 2016 (Varna and Sofia, Bulgaria) and was the closing performance of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival 2017 (Sibiu, Romania).

In May 2017, it was presented in Zagreb, Croatia, in ZKM (Zagrebačko kazalište mladih).

In June 2017, it was presented at the 24th Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Romania.

In October 2017, it was selected for the International Theatre Forum TEART 2017 in Minsk, Belarus.

In April 2018, it was selected and presented at the International Theatre Meeting MITEM 2018 in the organization of the National Theatre in Budapest, Hungary.

The 2018 touring plans include Ohrid Summer Festival in Ohrid, Macedonia (August 2018)

and Mediterranean Theatre Festival in Tivat, Montenegro (August 2018).

The Iliad was the opening performance of the 26th International Theatre Festival Plzen, Czech Republic (2018).

In October 2019 the Iliad return to Poland to 2. Kielce International Theatre Festival, Żeromski Theatre in Kielce.

While the Almeida presented an exploratory script-in-hand Iliad this summer, the version created by Slovenian director Jernej Lorenci at the Belgrade international theatre festival was perhaps the most powerful piece of theatre I’ve seen this year. And it was a power that derived precisely from the fact that it wasn’t “dramatic theatre”. Instead of having actors psychologically inhabiting characters, you had a semi-circle of performers who could narrate whole passages of the writing, as well as stepping in as one (or more) of the figures in the story (as in Gatz). Instead of closing down the opportunities for something happening on stage, this version seemed to open them almost infinitely, allowing live music and a whole visual world to evolve before our eyes.

Andrew Haydon, THE GUARDIAN

Duration: 180 min, 1 interval

Premiere: 24 stycznia 2015

27.10. hour 19.00

Żeromski Theatre Big Stage

Photos Peter Uhan

Iron Skulls Co from Spain

Direction & choreography: Iron Skulls Co

Lights: Petar Tanev

Performers: Luis Muñoz, Facundo Martin, Adrián Vega, Moisés “Moe”, Héctor Plaza “Buba” & Diego Garrido.

Sinestesia represents a post-apocalyptic world where, through experimental dance, a group of survivors is formed and begins a journey toward safety. Throughout the piece, Hip-Hop, acrobatics and contemporary dance merge to create a language where the line between humans and animals are blurred, inviting the spectator into a game of sensorial interference.

Festivals and awards:

1st place at „Certamen HOP” (2013)

Audience Award at „Feria de Teatro y Danza de Huesca” (2013)

Best Emerging Dance Company in “Feria Umore Azoka” (2014)

Hip-Hop Prize at “Certamen Internacional de Burgos – New York” (2014)

Audience Award at “Festival 10 Sentidos”, Valencia (2014)

Recommended Show at “Red Escena” collection (2015)

Nominated show at “Premios Butaca de Catalunya” (2016)

The masked Iron Skulls troupe invade the stage from the auditorium in their soldierly Sinestesia. The work wavers between stagey effects (wandering searchlights, white clouds, massed movements) and moments of emotional force (stylised jitters, parachuting jumps, images of combat and capitulation).


Duration: 50 min.

Premiere: 7 czerwca 2014

23.10. hour 19.00

Theatre Żeromski, Big Stage

Photos Vicente R


Polonia Theatre in Warsaw

Adaptation: Magda Umer i Krystyna Janda
Direction: Magda Umer
Musical frame: Janusz Bogacki
Sound: Michał Cacko
Video: Radosław Grabski
Executive producer and assistant director: Ewa Ratkowska


“Zapiski z wygnania” are very personal memories of Sabina Baral, a 20-year-old emigrant who left Poland with her parents in 1968.

„How much suffering can you bear before you go crazy? They came from the forests, from holes in the ground, from wardrobes, basements, and attics, left half-dead from the camps, returned from Siberia and Kazakhstan, home, to Poland. And then, for the next twenty-three years, they did not leave (…). They wanted to live here, where their parents were born and where we –  their children were born. After the war ordeal, after years of fear and suffering, they decided, after all, that Poland was their country. And these people after 1968 was banished from Poland.”

Cast: Krystyna Janda and Janusz Bogacki

music live: Tomasz Bogacki (guitar), Mateusz Dobosz/Paweł Pańta (string bass), Bogdan Kulik (percussion), Marek Zebura (violin)

Duration: 100 minutes, without interval

Zapiski z wygnania” is the most important spectacle,

Krystyna Janda has ever promoted.

Łukasz Drewniak


Acting award in the 24th National Competition for Polish Contemporary Play Staging
The main prize at the 17th Festival Nie/Podległa in Bydgoszcz
The best actress of the 24th International Festival of Pleasant and Unpleasant Plays in Łódź
The main prize at the 14th Polish Contemporary Plays Festival R@Port In Gdynia
Audience award at the 14th Polish Contemporary Plays Festival R@Port In Gdynia
LIX Grand Prix of Kalisz Theater Meetings

Cyprian Norwid’s Award

Duration: 100 minut, without interval

Premiere: 9 March 2018

28.10. hour 19.00

Żeromski Theatre Big Stage

Photos Katarzyna Kural-Sadowska