Oh, these ghosts!

Eduardo de Filippo

Oh, these ghosts!

Directed by Dan Jemmett

Scenography: Dick Bird

Costumes: Sylvie Martin-Hyszka

Lights direction: Arnaud Jung

upcoming performances

The play is a profound and very funny exploration of our perception of reality, and of our ability (or not) to accept things as they really are. For De Filippo, it is the theatre which has the power to transform the crushing materiality of everyday life into something fantastical,to propel us onward through the dream and the shocking presence of things as they are. (…) Accordingly, for Questi Fantasmi, I imagine and apartment setting on stage which may well be haunted, and which opens the door to an active interpretation by the audience into the close connection which De Fillipo’s obviously believed existed between the the theatre and the supernatural. Working with my designer Dick Bird on the project (who also designed La Grande Magia), we found ourselves talking about ghost trains, fair ground haunted houses and B horror films; all examples of theatrical experiences which we know aren’t real but would fervently like to believe are.

Dan Jemmett, Paris 2019

Anna Antoniewicz

Teresa Bielińska

Beata Pszeniczna

Aneta Wirzinkiewicz

Mirosław Bieliński

Bartłomiej Cabaj

Andrzej Plata

Łukasz Pruchniewicz

Dawid Żłobiński