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The birth of a star


Harper lives outside London and leads a seemingly stable life. She works in a shipping company where she not only endures her boss’s ambiguous remarks, but also hears compliments on her qualifications. Together with her 17-year-old daughter they have their ups and downs; her relations with husband are rather poor, because the former flush of emotions has ended and slipped into routine. One day she takes a few days off, because she wants to visit her dying father. Even though he rejects her visit, she visits him anyway. This travel will open her eyes. She will taste the life which was not known to her before. Will she find and discover herself? This question will be addressed to by every spectator after the play. Magda Grąziowska, gifted with a girly charm, performs as someone who takes a sped up course in growing up, even though they do not know what they are capable of in their lives. The young actress has a winsome style of being on stage, which makes the spectators not able to take their eyes off her. Yet, under the cover of this grace there is a sadness and despair. A great role—it should be the birth of a new star of the Polish theatre.

The emotionally dense play was directed by GrzegorzWiśniewski, who is and expert in skilfully written psychological dramas. I won’t be surprised if ‚Harper’ is soon to be included in repertoires of other Polish theatres. After all, it is a skilfully written play.

JW, ‚Uroda'(12)

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