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Twilight, the beginning and...


The New Theatre Festival in Rzeszów is and event which offers and extremely complex and varied program thanks to which using different forms and tools spectators get involved in a conversation on a given main topic. This year the main theme was ‚The end and… the beginning,’ whereas the motto was chosen by the programme director Joanna Puzyna-Chojka. It was a quotation from Tadeusz Różewiczwhich was uttered in 2006 on the occasion of the jubilee of Współczesny Theatre in Wrocław. (…) Even though it was a completely different variant, a woman’s perspective was also introduced through the Kielce staging of Simon Stephens’s ‚Harper,’ directed by GrzegorzWiśniewski. And actress who performed the title role (Magda Grązinowska)got the prize of Rzeszów University’s rector for young artists. This production (together with ‚Nights and Days…’) brings together a certain common thread—they present a path of woman’s life in two unobvious variants. First, a path of a woman who is resigned to the circumstances in which she has to live. Second, a woman who escapes sluggishness and explores stranger and stranger areas so as to find herself.Wiśniewski’s production may astonish due to the way of managing the story—it is told as if from a further perspective, without a hurry or judging the decisions made by the character. At the same time, this production had and advantage over the other one, directed by Mark. As a whole, it was composed in a better way. From the aesthetic point of view, in turn, it was at least equally interesting. (…)

Joanna Ostrowska,

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