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I didn’t take any notes and I’ve got a train to catch, so I’ll get right on it, just as I’m sitting at the local McDonald’s. Damn that was good! I would have never thought, cause I didn’t wanna go there in the first place. I’d usually get so pissed in Kielce. The new manager must have made some important changes, cause “Kieł“, directed by Bartek Żurawski, was awesome, too (I’ll write about that some other time).

In Wiśniewski’s productions, the actors play a key role (thank you captain obvious). Does that make his “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?“ worthy of getting two awards for best actor and actress (Zelwerowicz Award)? I dunno, maybe. In “Harper“, the pecking order goes as follows: Joanna Kasperek (as usual), Anna Antoniewicz and Adrian Brząkała (the new guy). Are they so brilliant, or has their director unearthed some great talents? Whatever, you still gotta love them. Intimacy was on the stage and I just can’t complain ‚bout nothing. I can’t really tell what it was about until I take a second look at the text of the play. Anyway, from what I‘VE HEARD, it goes something like this: “The storyline is based on the motive of an ongoing battle between good and evil. What makes it so troubling is that the plot may have taken place yesterday, may be going on today or may happen tomorrow.“ (Gazeta Wyborcza Kielce). They included some aria in the play and I’ll let you know what it was when Roszkowski answers on Messenger (P.S. it’s Donizetti’s „Una furtiva lagrim“). All in all, it’s a mix of “An Enemy of the People“ and Małgorzata Szczęśniak’s scenography, topped of with the hospital stage design by Mirek Kaczmarek. Add the tub, which you can’t go into with your clothes on. One and a half hour of neat, realistic and entertaining theatre. Viewer-friendly. With Grąziowska dominating the stage (a great choice for all those who adore her).

Maciej Stroiński

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