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Yet another successful adaptation at the Theatre of Kielce


The new grotesque play staged at the Stefan Żeromski Theatre of Kielce was a success. The premiere of Hanoch Levin’s Everyone wants to live directed by Dawid Żłobiński has gained the acclaim of the audience. Live music performed by the band Tempero and the genuinely funny jokes made on stage were definitely the most impressive. The audience in Kielce appears to be keen on the play, in which the manager of a travelling circus performs in front of a crumbling amusement park and Count Pozna struggles to reach and agreement with his family members and the Deputy Angel of Death.

The Deputy Angel of Death Gulgelewicz pays a visit to Count Pozna, announcing that his life has come to an end. A top-down approach to decision making was adopted in this case. Pozna does not want to die and tries to persuade Gulgelewicz that some mistake must have occurred in his case. Although the Deputy Angel plays ball with the Count, the numbers must add up. Pozna’s life is spared, but he must find someone willing to take his place. As it turns out, neither social standing nor money can help the Count achieve his goal. The brutally frank script not only entertains, but also leaves the audience to reflect upon a number of issues.

Andrzej Kozieja, a university lecturer commented on the play with the following words, “It is a good production. Stylistically it resembles Goran Bregović’s large Weddings and Funerals Orchestra. A crazy variation on the themes of life and death—two in one.A flawless performance with a touch of great music.”

“The play examines issues that are close to the hearts of all of us. I am convinced that it can encourage a deeper reflection. We all have to find and answer to the question whether we will ever be ready to depart this life,” said Professor MarzenaMarczewska, who works at the Institute of Polish Studies at the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce. She later added, “The music was great and the director did and amazing job. I am convinced that many people will choose to see the play.”

“It is the second play about death that I have seen. Both were rather positive in tone. In my opinion we need such productions because we have to get used to the thought that we will die one day,” admitted GrzegorzStrzelczyk, a member of the Society of Friends of the Stefan Żeromski Theatre.

Everyone wants to live still runs at the Żeromski Theatre of Kielce in March and at the beginning of April.

Dariusz Skrzyniarz:, 2016-03-07


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