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Theatre lessons

As an element of children’s and teenagers’ theatrical education, the Theatre organizes lessons for groups of 30 and 50. The lessons are dedicated to schoolchildren of elementary school, gimnazjum (lower secondary school) and secondary school. Moreover, they are adapted to their age. The lessons are conducted by actors and a theatrologist, Renata Głasek-Kęska.

The actors tell about the way in which the play is created, describe the characteristics of director’s, scene designer’s, actors’ and technicians’ work. The lesson is dedicated to the schoolchildren of the last years of elementary school, gimnazjum and secondary school. It takes 45 minutes.

Renata Głasek-Kęska presents the history of the Kielce Theatre and then takes the participants for a walk around the building. Children and teenagers visit the places which are not available for the spectators. They enter the stage where they can take a closer look at the backstage, various theatrical furnishings (e.g. fly system, trapdoor and the place of stage manager and prompter’s work) and stage design for the currently staged play. The participants visit also the small stage, foyer, theatre’s yard as well as costume and painting rooms. Visiting is accompanied by listening to the tales on how the certain rooms and theatrical tools function, but also about the work of people who contribute to the realization/creation of the play together with actors. Both younger schoolchildren (1st—3rd graders) as well as gimnazjum and secondary school students can take part in such a lesson. It takes from 45 to 60 minutes.

Educational plays

An important point in the repertoire are plays dedicated to elementary and higher school students. Generally, these are plays based on books read in school and classical literature for children.

Meeting after and about premieres

A premiere for studentstakes place a few days after the actual premiere of a play and it is dedicated to the students of Kielce higher schools. The students who visit us the most often are those who study at the Faculty of Humanities at the Jan Kochanowski University. After the play there is an open panel for discussion between the youth, creators and actors.

Conferences and discussions are organized on the topic linked with the issues explored by the staged plays and their creators, and other important topics inclined in the Theatre’s life (e.g. important anniversaries). Thanks to inviting authorities invarious fields (also outside the theatrical sphere of concern), the meetings have interdisciplinary profile.

The Theatre Magazine (Gazeta Teatralna)

It is an extended version of a program which consists of additional information that supplement the main topics of the play and explain issues from the fields not connected directly with the theatre. It is written by the authorities in various fields (psychologists, sociologists, philosophers), but also by eminent critics, journalists and experts in theatre. Free copies of the magazine are distributed among the audience.

Workshops ‚The ABC of acting’

Classes are dedicated especially to the youth, but not only to them. They are conducted among others by the actors along with the POLSKA THEATRE program. During the workshops the participants learn from actors themselves about methods of actor’s work from a general perspective. The classes are individualised as much as it is possible in the given technical circumstances, the number of participants in the group, their age and the teacher’s ideas for activities.


The inspiration to create the programme were theatrical tours organised during the interwar period by Juliusz Osterwa’s and Mieczysław Limanowski’s experimental theatre called ‚Reduta’. These tours were bringing the citizens of smaller towns closer to the greatest achievements of the Polish culture of that time.

The POLSKA THEATRE programme aims at facilitating the access to the repertoires of Polish theatres by facilitating their mobility and enabling the presentation of performances in places with a limited access to culture. As a part of the program, the institutional and independent theatres, as well as the associations receive funding for performing their plays in places where there are no institutional theatres.

POLSKA THEATRE has been organised since 2009 by the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute and it is financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Productions ascribed to the Program:

2017 ‚War’s unwomanly face” by Swietlana Aleksijewicz, dir. Elżbieta Depta

2016 ‚Story of a sin’ by Stefan Żeromski, adaptation Radosław Paczocha, dir. Michał Kotański

2015 ‚Yakish & Poupche’ by Hanoch Levin, dir. Piotr Szczerski

2014 ‚Empress Catherine’ by Jolanta Janiczak, dir. Wiktor Rubin

2014 ‚Twardy gnat, martwy świat (Hard Bone, Dead World’ by Mateusz Pakuła, dir. Eva Rysova

2011 „In the name of the Father and the Son” by Szymon Bogacz, dir. Piotr Ziniewic

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