The Independent

On 28th of December at 7 p.m. on the YouTube channel of the Theatre we shared documentary radio play “Scout in War”, played by the actors of the Theatre and directed by Tanja Miletić-Oručević.

The aim of the project is to bring the personality of Jan Kinastowski closer to young people. He was volunteer of 205th Regiment of Infantry of 4th Company of 1st Battalion of Volunteer Army of General Józef Haller, and was only 17 in 1920. He set off from his hometown with hope to fight in Polish / Bolshevik war and in its most important battle – The Warsaw Battle. The material for the story about “common hero” was the diary of Kinastowski, testimony of courage and patriotism of young soldier, but also his fears and difficulties of war – read by ensemble of actors of Stefan Żeromski Theatre. In the radio drama Anna Kinastowska, author’s daughter, tells about her memories and the historical and social context of 20’s of XX century is explained by Marek Maciągowski, historian, manager of Center of Patriotic and Civil Thought in Kielce. 

We sent CDs with radio drama to schools in voivodeship, where they can be used in history classes. 

The radio drama was created in the framework of the project “Kielce – the city of legions, the city of common heroes”, financed by the means of Minister of Culture, National Cultural Heritage and Sport in the frame of multiannual program THE INDEPENDENT for years 2017 – 2022.